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Moira's Bed

Width: 2", Height: 0.75"
Who watches Schitt's Creek? This design is inspired by the quilted bedspread on the popular tv show. My interpretation of this design called Moira's Bed stitches out like a clamshell shape with just the hint of a scalloped edge. It's very fast and looks great whether a quilt top is loaded vertically or horizontally.

Offset every other row at 50% The height of the resulting shape is double what the row height is, so with the default size, the motif will be 1.5" tall.

To see this design stitched out, visit us at We'd love to see how you use this in your quilting. Use #moirasbedpanto on social media to share a photo! Tag @longarmleague if you're on Instagram, we'd love to cheer you on!

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Published on Aug 28th, 2021 6:21:10 AM