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Pattern Designers

Linda V Taylor

Karlee Porter

Stitch Happy! TJ Speiser

Judith Kraker

Dani Fisk

Epic Quilt Studio - Kalynda Grant

Sharon Sweetland, Sweetland of Quilts

Karen Farnsworth of Wildflower Quilting

Lily Street Patterns - Marci Gore

Maureen Foster - HumbleBee Quilting

Karen Marchetti

Joyce Lundrigan

Laura Lee Fritz

Its A Quilt Thing! by Laurie Thomas

Leisha Farnsworth

Honeycomb Quilting

Jodi Robinson

Kay Oft

Jill Lilly

Christine Perrigo

The Quilting Page

Midge's Stitches

Quilter on the Run, Kris Vierra

The Bearded Quilter


Dianna Heiner

DeWayne Carron

The Quilting Cottage

Linda Coker, Quilting Solutions

Callan Longarm LLC