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Any $15.00
Lined quarter inch

Leisha Farnsworth
Width: 6", Height: 11.25"
©2021 Leisha Farnsworth

READ BEFORE PURCHASING: This design is a 1/4” line quilted back and forth. In order for the lines to have a 1/4” spacing, the design height must be set at 11.25”, and the width of the design should be the width of the quilt or boundary. I know when using the Gammill Statler, (which I use myself) ‘maintain aspect’ needs to be unchecked, or the design sill have vertical lines. It is also your responsibility to figure out how to get your thread to not break when quilting from right to left. Tips for that… put your needle position at 5:30, a new needle, a finer thread, slow your machine down but not too slow, and you can spray your thread with distilled water. I’m sure there are other tips, those are just ones that work for me. I use Omni thread, and when I quilted the quilt pictured, I sprayed the Omni thread quite a bit.

Edge to Edge
Leisha Farnsworth
Modern Quilting

Published on Jul 1st, 2021 5:03:37 PM