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About Such Cool Quilts

Hi. Thanks for visiting my space on the Cloud. I have been quilting since Junior High School. My longarm career started with a sewing machine and homemade table and quilt frame from PVC pipe. It was rickety but worked. I stepped up the ladder to a Gammill Statler and have never looked back. Her name is Girlfriend. We spend lots of time together.

My goals for creating an E2E site was very simple:
1. Primarily Edge to Edge that were bigger so less rolling, starting and stopping
2. Designs with simple elements and devoid of extra connecting "fru fru". My connections are simple yet efficient. Most patterns were manipulated to nest tightly together. Joining elements were made relevant to the pattern design.
3. Most motifs in the designs can easily be isolated and used for blocks by detaching a few nodes. These make perfect quilt labels or an added design with a persons name.
4. I noticed it was hard to find patterns for men, older kids, sports, some holidays and cartoons. Many of my designs fit into these categories. I raised 4 boys and a son in law, I love a more modern or masculine design.

Designer Announcements

Hey, its my first month on Pattern Cloud. During Corona Virus, I decided to tackle the job of learning to draw my own designs. It wasn't easily but after monkeying for a long while, it finally clicked. I try to incorporate several principles. "Keep it simple and avoid extra elements that can be confusing".

All patterns in my cloud will be half price during this introductory period. I would love any ideas or requests you might need.

I have previously designed many quilts in the popular quilting magazines. One of my concerns were that I needed original quilting designs that the magazines could have rights to. I would be happy to assist you in designing special requests like these for those special needs.

Good luck, I look forward to creating about 400 more Edge-Two-Edge designs in the coming year.

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