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America the Beautiful words
Dani Fisk
There are four verses (V) each have two parts (P). Plus a Filler flag and a Filler star pattern to fill empty spaces. When the two parts of each verse are stacked with the correct spacing between the parts the entire verse should measure about 16 1/2" in height. Any smaller and the letters may be too tight. Verses look good spaced approximately 2" to 3" apart and about 4" at the top and bottom of the quilt. A quilt 83" in height would be ideal for this project. If your quilt is a lot shorter pick and choose which verses you like. If using just a couple of verses I would choose Verse 1 and Verse 3, especially at this time, and then repeat Verse 4 Part 2 if there is room (which is identical to Verse 1 Part 2 - a chorus). Finally if using multiple verses I would not line them up but stagger (zig zag) them underneath each other and position American Eagle Head or American Flag Eagle 2 pantograph in the large empty spaces (positioning a Filler star over Start and Finish points of pantograph). Make sure all letters of all verses are identical in size. Good idea to plan entire quilt layout on the side of your screen then mark as sewn. Google America the Beautiful words (popular version) to see how entire song is laid out.